Welcome to the MOP Action Advisory Blog!


What is MOP About?  Why Should I Care?

If you’re like most citizens of the United States, you’re very concerned about the deterioration of our country.  Are you also tired of hearing complaints and woeful predictions but never seeing positive action or leadership to solve the problems?

Well, finally, we can look forward to something much better than ineffective government, complaints, finger-pointing and dire predictions.  We now have a carefully-crafted strategy that can actually succeed and lead to solving our biggest problems.  And even better, we have an active movement that is beginning to carry out that strategy.

You ask: can it work?  The answer is: will you participate and help?  Because if a substantial percentage of U.S. citizens become aware of this movement and participate — It will work!

MOP is a an effort and a strategy for getting the corrupting influence of Money Out of Politics in the United States of America.  We are doing this to restore true democracy to the USA . 

If we can resolve this root problem, it will restore our ability to solve the nation’s other serious problems. It is crucial that we succeed to halt the deterioration of our country. To do that, we need your help to raise citizen awareness about this issue. We also need volunteers and pledges to help coordinate and carry out the strategy.  Please visit the MOP website (preliminary site) to find out more details. But don’t forget to follow the advisories listed below.

The Purpose of the MOP Advisory Blog

This blog site is intended to provide timely advice concerning certain actions that will help advance the MOP strategy.  Please read the advisories below and follow the instructions.


Action Advisory #2

Please support the MOP strategy by viewing this article and completing these easy steps:

  1. Give it a good rating
  2. Become a fan
  3. Give a thumbs up to Larry Kachimba’s comments

If you need help, Illustrations & detailed instructions are provided below to guide you:

If you have difficulty completing these tasks, the instructions provided below might help:

  1. Go to the article titled “Five reasons why a constitutional amendment is the wrong way to get money out of politics“.
  2. Indicate that you’re a fan (use the “Become a fan” icon just beneath the author’s name) and, if prompted, sign up or Log in. If necessary, return to the article and “finish” the fan form.
  3. At the bottom of the page, “Expand Comments”, so you can use the green “thumbs up” icon to indicate your approval of the first comment (by Larry Kachimba).
  4. Go back up to the “How would you rate this?” box, then select “news” and two more ratings icons from the box.

MOP Action Advisory #1

Please support MOP by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Arizona Free Enterprise article
  2. Click the fan icon beneath the author’s name and (if prompted) sign up or Log in
  3. If necessary, return to the Arizona Free Enterprise article and “finish” the fan form
  4. Use social media and other communication tools near the top of this web page, to share these steps with others.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click on “Expand Comments”, then click the green “thumbs up” icon for the first comment
  6. Scroll up to the “How would you rate this?” box, then click on the “news” and two more ratings icons
  7. Next, view Authors’ Comment, go to the first comment listed and click on the
    green thumbs up icon.